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I always wanted my name to start with a J... for some reason I think it's the coolest letter in the alphabet. I laugh at almost everything... I use ellipses at all times... and i love sex, music, and food. I'm pretty simple


Until that morning.... Honey nothin's going to harm you

Hello... yes I'm posting again I've decided to enact a couple features:

1. Those of you who know me know I've done an "inspiration wall" for all my years in college except this year.. so on the blog I'll be adding a wednesday Inspiration with a pic of my inspiration for that week

2. Because I hate Tuesdays and Thursday so much this qtr. (thanks ridiculous HRM classes!) I'll b posting a segment called BEAUTY on one of those days each week... look forward to it... i know you already are

3. And also because I'm alcoholic...there will be LusH segment on that you really should be looking forward to!

But it is Wednesday... and I'm so inspired

I listen to Summertime once a week... or day... don't judge me ;)

Haven't heard it? It's on the playlist in the corner of this blog... if you don't want to roll a tree and feel the breeze after listening to it i don't know what's wrong with you

That being said... obviously the inspiration for this week is Janis Joplin

Get some Cheap Thrills in a Mercedes Benz and don't be a Cry Baby just because you're stuck with a Ball and Chain



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