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I always wanted my name to start with a J... for some reason I think it's the coolest letter in the alphabet. I laugh at almost everything... I use ellipses at all times... and i love sex, music, and food. I'm pretty simple


Is life a love story?

Watch these 2 movies...
the first I'm sure you've heard of...
the second I'm sure you haven't

A kissing scene between Javier Bardem, Penelope Cruz, and Scarlett Johansson... um even i think that's homo (omg I hate that phrase... please excuse me for using it).

But seriously... I guess I'm a Cristina if there ever was one

Don't judge me

Yes the title is a bit jarring... but the movie is quirky and cute... but still a classic love story with a modern twist...

I know I'm looking for the guy as weird and crazy as me

But I realize he might not exist



Respect is not expected but it's given 'cuz it's real...

Tell me you remember this song!!!!!

Anyways.... I had the longest most interesting convos this spring break (so mad it's over) with 2 of my closest friends Mary and Chelsea...

3 Questions:

1. Is loneliness a sign of weakness? (Do we really need men?)
2. Is life not always about doing what you want to do? (Or should you chase your dreams?)
3. Is going through hard times really a measurement of strength of character? (this one needs a little explanation: are you really a stronger person if you put yourself through a whole bunch of unnecessary bullshit/hard times.... isn't strength of character a balance between perseverance and maturity aka the ability and wisdom to walk out of unnecessary situations???)

I'll probably be answering these questions in a future post... of course from my POV... but I want to know what you all think... comment below or hit me up...

Or just think about it....



New Philosophy

We all act a little crazy... but Cudi is right... I'ma stay sippin my drank and feelin my breeze without any drama...
So you've all heard the announcement
Ashley renounces beef with any one in spring qtr.
believe me this is momentous event... but I learned my lesson from Cudi...
Ain't tryin ta get tazored like him.......


My name is Ashley... I'm almost perfect

Project Unstoppable

So weather is getting hotter... and the clothes are getting skimpier

time to be unstoppable

I'm trying to get ready for my new life as a grown and sexy college graduate, so I'm working harder than hard working. If you want details let me know but basically Unstoppable involves at lot of time spent in the following places:

1. The Library
2. Ping
3. High heels
4. Salad bars/Subway
5. Fashion blogs

Trying to get like this:
Super thick and sexy

Project Unstoppable is about getting it right inside and out... Surrounding yourself with a lot of love, including the love you have for yourself. My advice? Take one night to yourself a week... don't do work, don't socialize, just chill out and do whatever is that makes you happy. Usually that's a good playlist/movie/book and a looooong shower for me. Maybe it's a night a the gym/jazz club/in bed for you. Just do it... Swear you'll love life the next day. Everything will be blue!

So loyal readers....What are you doing to get it right for the summer/future? Leave a comment below the post! I love hearing from you guys, and I know you're reading this trying to get you're Unstoppable on so... SHARE ;)

Oh... and the answers to two questions I've been getting from readers:
1. Yes, the playlist coincides with all the posts. (Check the popout player in the top right corner)
2. No, this isn't a fashion or celeb gossip blog... mostly music, shoes, and overall hotness lol

And everybody loved the slow jam deluxe get the draws tape post so there will be more playlists to come!



You dress like Sarah Jessica and live like Princess Diana


It's the family you get to choose

The people who tell you when you look at hot mess

Or listen to you vent about how lonely and depressed you are

Laugh at you when you sound like a freaking idiot

And refuse to give upon you

Corny yes... but I had to give big ups to everybody that's been there for me despite the fact that I'm a little insane

Christy, Mary, Lynsay, Chels, Annitra, Adam, Natalie, Shad, Chris, Becky..... I LOVES YOU!
Every last one of you are DELICIOUS (hahahahahaha)


P.S. Project "Unstoppable" coming soon.... details to follow


Don't break yourself for me.....don't lose your selfish ways for me

4 Things I'm currently obsessed with:

1. The song that's currently playing

Un deux trois quatre cinq six
A hundred times is fine
For you I go all blind
Oh my where is my mind

Who know Sweden had so much soul????

Btw... her whole album is awesome... and I'm kinda mad I'm posting it cuz now everybody will be listening to her... but um news flash: we're like 2 years late lol

2. This man

Damn.... that's really all I can say right now

3. These shoes

Sleep on them if you want... but soon you'll be seeing them in your dreams ;)

Sad part is... I still haven't bought them... but I told you
Times is hard!!!!

4. This video

I know I'm late but it's still HILARIOUS....
"Believe me when I say... I fucked a mermaid"


Do you remember?

I know there are many posts today but I'm tryna catch up!

I had talked about the LusH segment in the beginning of this blog and have never gotten around to posting it...

*sad face* I was really excited for you all to read it because I think it's kinda unique for the blog scene and purely for shits and giggles...

So here it is!!!!

Today's lush is Sheesh Joyce:

I know her as the girl in my group who randomly shouts things to our professor in the middle of class... but you'll know her as a LusH

Favorite euphemism for drunk?

Funniest/craziest drunk story?
I fell down a flight of stairs on new years eve in front of the whole party and I was wearing a dress. The dress flipped up over my head and I was wearing a thong.... everyone saw everything.

Fav mixed drink/shot and recipe:
Three olive grape and pink lemonade. Fill tumbler with ice. Add 2 oz. of three olives grape, and 4 oz. of pink lemonade. (NOTE: try this drink... IMMEDIATELY)

Person dead or alive you’d like to drink with and why?
Frank Sinatra because my dad loved him and I’d love to see what inspired his music.

Finally… what’s the best song to listen to when drinking?
September by Earth Wind and Fire

Hmph... Old Blue Eyes and EWF?

Whod'a thunk it????


Hey, let's get away and get a room on the other side of town....

Hello loveys!

For the next few days I will be maxin and relaxin here:

I know it looks kinda ballin' right? Too bad it's in Niagara Falls and not anywhere smokin' hot like Cancun, Miami, or Vegas... But whatever.

Times is hard... Bush was president for 8 years
(Just think about that for a second and let it depress you). We tryin to recover!! Either way it is NOT Ohio... and that's what's important.

Here's to some good luck in the casino and in the bedroom (wow... can you tell it's been a while?)

To be honest I'm moreso looking forward to the blazing chinese/japanese restaurant they have there.

And eating random fish never gives you STDs or gets you pregnant...

Just an observation...


Salutations my niggs... I'm aware that I'm different

So yeah....

I got shitty drunk... cussed some fools out.... changed my name to May Boatwright on fb.... and threatened to quit life and carve wooden figures on the side of the road

But we all have our days right???

Don't judge me.....

Anyways it's Spring Break and I have a week off to get my head right

Or get ahead of the game

Or just get some head.....



Doing what's right gets you nothing.

I resign from society... and academic institutions that teach you nothing... and people who thrive off ignorance and pride... and all the people who hurt me

I'm done

Music and singing is all I have

I'm crying for everyone who's ever felt that life was fucked up for no reason

Everyone who never thought they'd see happiness

Happiness is carving a wooden figure on the side of the road

I resign


How did one look at you overtake the kindheart in me????

Ugh! I'm unhealthily obsessed....

(okay but not in that stalker-i know his fav color-when he had he last dental exam-how he likes his eggs type way)

Scott Ramon Seguro Mescudi (ok that's a little creeperish but he put it on his blog...swear) is the new love of my life and this weeks Inspiration

I know it's not Wednesday... but I've spent hours reading/listening/watching everything about The Man on the Moon and I'm truly amazed

HE'S FROM CLEVELAND (Shaker more specifically), so he'll always get mad props from me

So...:: NOT SO RANDOM STORY:: About the end of January I started really getting into Cudi (yeah I know I'm late), but something about him sounded really familiar. So I kept thinking...where the fuck do I know this dude from??? Then I came across an interview he did in Cleveland right before his last Grog Shop performance in November and realized... I WAS THERE!! Um... but it gets more hilarious as you read...

So me and one of my favs Lynsay went to this random show at the Grog Shop... didn't even know who was performing, just wanted to go out and sip something and possibly feel the breeze... Well neither of us had any greenery (hahaha i hope your following this) and we didn't know of any one who sold them. So we decided to just be satisfyed by the bar... then some homeless looking creeper walks up to me trying to hit on me and asking ME to buy HIM a drink (HILARIOUS!!), and we decided to sneak off to the bathroom... as we're returning after what we determined was a safe amount of time we smell a little breeze coming from backstage... Since we're both good looking females we decided to investigate/completely bum off some rapper. We walk in... and there is an open plate of the funkiest greenery you've ever smelled in your life... WITH NO ONE GUARDING IT... the room's completely empty... The conversation goes as follows:

Lynsay: Should we wait for them to come back? I'll just sit here
Me: FUCK THAT! Take that shit let's go
Lynsay: *stuffs huge bulb into bra*
Me and Lynsay: *run the fuck out of the club*

^I hope that was as funny to you as it was to us on the drive home... although I don't know if that's possible considering it was quite windy in that car

Anyways... anybody who listens to Kid Cudi's Day and Nite knows he's an avid supporter of the summer breeze

So QOTD: Was that his greenery?

Since there was another band on stage at the time I doubt it... plus nigs from cleveland know not to leave no shit like that just lying out

Either way I'd like to believe we came in some sort of close contact (though we probably didnt)

Any ways.... I'm in love with him artistically and musically... so I'm a HATER on any one who thinks they like him more than me... men like him turn women like me into haters... what can I say:

PLEASE if you already haven't... download every song this man has made...

Judging from his blog he might be going through some tough times now on account of the amount of HATERS in the industry and the world

Did you know that America has more haters per capita than any other country in the world?

I for one am proposing genocide against the whole race.....


I don't want nobody to hear me while I make you moan...

(If you ain't mature enough to say sex without giggling please take these steps: 1) bring mouse to top right hand corner 2) click the "x"
k.thanks.bye ;)

Hello to everyone else!

So the weather's getting warmer....

and folks are starting to get that itch

at least I know I am

you know... the one you scratch between 1-4am... under the sheets... with slow music... and preferably a partner (lol but don't act like you don't fly solo from time to time)

Either way I'm helping all my Grown and Sexys out with a couple tracks off my "ultimate bedtime" playlist... aka the slow jams deluxe get the draws tape ;)

"Crown Royal" Jill Scott
"Mirror" Ne-Yo ::RANDOM STORY When my mom first heard Ne-Yo she heard the song "Say It" and thought it was an opera... if this is not hilarious yet please youtube the song and listen to the lyrics... then it will be hilarious::
"Breathe" Raheem DeVaughn
"Marathon" Raheem DeVaughn ft. Floetry
"Mellowsmoothe" Maxwell (yeah I know you ain't heard this one...I got that exclusive... but do be close to a bed with a fine man/woman when you listen to it )
"Moments in Love" Art of Noise (THROWBACK!! but please get the full version not the quiet storm version... you'll need all 10 minutes BELIEVE me)
"On Top of Me" Tyrese
"Let's Get Lifted Again" John Legend (this is the break song between round 1 and round 2... or round 14 and 15... I don't know how you get down)
"Make That Sound" J.Holiday (it's the song playing while you're reading this)

Mind you this ain't the whole playlist (I'm not about to let all my tricks outta the bag) and it's mostly new stuff cause everybody knows "Let's Get It On" is a staple... and anything by Barry White or Teddy Pendegrass is dangerous.... but either way it should be enough for you to start your own "ultimate bedtime" mix...

And here's a position to get you started on your way:

It's called the "Prision Guard" position....

I just hope his nightstick is big


Brooklyn we go hard...

Hello again,

So I hate to admit it but... I got sucked in

But hey...

I figure it's a way to get more people involved in the Blue Movement (p.s. that's a link to my twitfrenzy)...

I won't be as obsessed as Diddy... but I do plan to go hard...

and it's another great way to waste your life away in front of your lap top

And I'm always looking for more of those




Let me go
let me live
let me cry
standing still
too much rain
in the world
too much pride
standing still

oh i, oh i

I'm not bad
I'm not good
I'm not sane
dance and feel
heart's ablaze
arm's a stone
fears shattered
dance and feel

oh i, oh i
Thoughts....comments... theories about life????

Tell me something... where yo boss at???

Today is Thursday my love!!!

It's time for some BEAUTY to liven up the week...

I've relapsed into an addiction I've had for years


Not just any shoes... they flyest-most exclusive nobody has them-you want them-crazy high heeled shoes

My fav shoe designer is Christian Louboutin.... His shoes are insanely expensive but oh so beautiful... I'm thinking when I graduate I might have to buy myself a pair for survivng OU for four years... what you think?

Anyway for the spring/summer season I'm loving these looks:

The ruffle/flower look is my absolute fav... I bought myself a knockoff-not as fly but still cute silver version below

Secondly I'm loving the basket weave/gladiator look these are some joie and valentino sandals that if I could afford I'd have in A SECOND...

Lastly I love the snake sort of strapy sandal like these tahari's... I also bought a knockoff of these:

Even though Beyonce has never really done anything for me personally. She's beautiful and talented and I'd never hate on her for that, but she's just a little too much for me. I can't do the big hair, the big voice, the big production.... I just can't (lol Annitra). I think music should be a little more organic and natural... let it speak for itself... one thing I won't argue with is that she is one of the QUEENS of fly ass shoes... Hence Diva:

6 inch fly ass boots... don't even fuck with me



I wouldn't be so damn sensitive... I'd let things go by


What a concept...

Sorry I've been so ghost these last days but my life has quite quickly turned into a Lifetime movie special... Just watch one of those movies where the popular girls gang up on one girl because one of their boyfriends likes her and set out to make her life a living hell. Then fast forward to the climax where they dump rotten meat on her or something.... that's where i've been the last few days

Oh but please don't forget the ending

You know like in all lifetime movies those girls get their due...whether in court or through her survivng family or when everyone around them realizes their just a bunch of cowardly bullies

But believe me she is NOT dead.. nor defeated... or backing down

In my dreamworld... none of this would have ever happened. She would've never messed with that sorry excuse for a human being, and people would've handled their OWN business instead of getting a bunch of bystanders involved. I tried my hardest to not get involved in this whole mess... but when you put your hands on another human being for childish reasons, I, and hopefully anyone who has common sense, MUST speak out against it.

But lets be honest... in my dreamworld OU's black community would have a LOT more members... and our organizations would be more focused on scholarship and service rather than drinking and fighting.

Maybe that's just a dream

I guess I'll end this with a Bible verse... since when times get hard everybody gets religious

Cursed is he who throws bows in the bar. -Annitra 23:87