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I always wanted my name to start with a J... for some reason I think it's the coolest letter in the alphabet. I laugh at almost everything... I use ellipses at all times... and i love sex, music, and food. I'm pretty simple


How did one look at you overtake the kindheart in me????

Ugh! I'm unhealthily obsessed....

(okay but not in that stalker-i know his fav color-when he had he last dental exam-how he likes his eggs type way)

Scott Ramon Seguro Mescudi (ok that's a little creeperish but he put it on his blog...swear) is the new love of my life and this weeks Inspiration

I know it's not Wednesday... but I've spent hours reading/listening/watching everything about The Man on the Moon and I'm truly amazed

HE'S FROM CLEVELAND (Shaker more specifically), so he'll always get mad props from me

So...:: NOT SO RANDOM STORY:: About the end of January I started really getting into Cudi (yeah I know I'm late), but something about him sounded really familiar. So I kept thinking...where the fuck do I know this dude from??? Then I came across an interview he did in Cleveland right before his last Grog Shop performance in November and realized... I WAS THERE!! Um... but it gets more hilarious as you read...

So me and one of my favs Lynsay went to this random show at the Grog Shop... didn't even know who was performing, just wanted to go out and sip something and possibly feel the breeze... Well neither of us had any greenery (hahaha i hope your following this) and we didn't know of any one who sold them. So we decided to just be satisfyed by the bar... then some homeless looking creeper walks up to me trying to hit on me and asking ME to buy HIM a drink (HILARIOUS!!), and we decided to sneak off to the bathroom... as we're returning after what we determined was a safe amount of time we smell a little breeze coming from backstage... Since we're both good looking females we decided to investigate/completely bum off some rapper. We walk in... and there is an open plate of the funkiest greenery you've ever smelled in your life... WITH NO ONE GUARDING IT... the room's completely empty... The conversation goes as follows:

Lynsay: Should we wait for them to come back? I'll just sit here
Me: FUCK THAT! Take that shit let's go
Lynsay: *stuffs huge bulb into bra*
Me and Lynsay: *run the fuck out of the club*

^I hope that was as funny to you as it was to us on the drive home... although I don't know if that's possible considering it was quite windy in that car

Anyways... anybody who listens to Kid Cudi's Day and Nite knows he's an avid supporter of the summer breeze

So QOTD: Was that his greenery?

Since there was another band on stage at the time I doubt it... plus nigs from cleveland know not to leave no shit like that just lying out

Either way I'd like to believe we came in some sort of close contact (though we probably didnt)

Any ways.... I'm in love with him artistically and musically... so I'm a HATER on any one who thinks they like him more than me... men like him turn women like me into haters... what can I say:

PLEASE if you already haven't... download every song this man has made...

Judging from his blog he might be going through some tough times now on account of the amount of HATERS in the industry and the world

Did you know that America has more haters per capita than any other country in the world?

I for one am proposing genocide against the whole race.....


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