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Do you remember?

I know there are many posts today but I'm tryna catch up!

I had talked about the LusH segment in the beginning of this blog and have never gotten around to posting it...

*sad face* I was really excited for you all to read it because I think it's kinda unique for the blog scene and purely for shits and giggles...

So here it is!!!!

Today's lush is Sheesh Joyce:

I know her as the girl in my group who randomly shouts things to our professor in the middle of class... but you'll know her as a LusH

Favorite euphemism for drunk?

Funniest/craziest drunk story?
I fell down a flight of stairs on new years eve in front of the whole party and I was wearing a dress. The dress flipped up over my head and I was wearing a thong.... everyone saw everything.

Fav mixed drink/shot and recipe:
Three olive grape and pink lemonade. Fill tumbler with ice. Add 2 oz. of three olives grape, and 4 oz. of pink lemonade. (NOTE: try this drink... IMMEDIATELY)

Person dead or alive you’d like to drink with and why?
Frank Sinatra because my dad loved him and I’d love to see what inspired his music.

Finally… what’s the best song to listen to when drinking?
September by Earth Wind and Fire

Hmph... Old Blue Eyes and EWF?

Whod'a thunk it????


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