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I always wanted my name to start with a J... for some reason I think it's the coolest letter in the alphabet. I laugh at almost everything... I use ellipses at all times... and i love sex, music, and food. I'm pretty simple


Is life a love story?

Watch these 2 movies...
the first I'm sure you've heard of...
the second I'm sure you haven't

A kissing scene between Javier Bardem, Penelope Cruz, and Scarlett Johansson... um even i think that's homo (omg I hate that phrase... please excuse me for using it).

But seriously... I guess I'm a Cristina if there ever was one

Don't judge me

Yes the title is a bit jarring... but the movie is quirky and cute... but still a classic love story with a modern twist...

I know I'm looking for the guy as weird and crazy as me

But I realize he might not exist


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  1. Ive seen "i'm through with white girls." I loved it... but the main girl was really scary looking/acting. However, like u said, it was really quirky and entertaining... and i think it is a movie that needed to be made. Luv ya Ashley!