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I don't give the time you deserve from me...

So I drove 6 hours to Cleveland and back this weekend...

And during that time I decided to do a scientific experiment...

A survey of sorts

Drake vs. Cudi

I know what you're thinking... they're so different right?

But still it's fun to compare....

I listened to A Kid Named Cudi, The Anthem (fan made mixtape), and So Far Gone back to back...

And honestly....

I really can't decide

I never ever thought I would love another as much as I love Scott... but um... Idk... Shopping bag Drizzy is kinda doing it huge on this mixtape

Unlike a lot I love the fact that he sings... and makes the must vulgar and explicit lyrics sound like honey

"So tonight I'll just fuck you like we're in Houston"


This song really is the reason I can't decide....

Now it's really hard to compare the two artist because I think they have completely different styles. Although I think they both are really introspective and use the music as a commentary on their own lives....Drake's music is more laid back with a splash of lyrical flair (Ain't on the fence about it, I ain't Mr. Feeny) while Cudi's music is a lot more swag and bravado (I don't need to worry cause I know the world will feel this nigga)

Put it this way... there's no "Dat New New" on So Far Gone and definitely no "Nov. 18" on A Kid Name Cudi

but the two songs I feel are the most similar are:

"Down and Out" Kid Cudi
"The Calm" Drake

I chose these two because A No one else is on the somg with them... it's pure cudi and drake B The songs are both about inner struggle and fame C They're both classic examples of the artist's style:

"I was born to be super duper Scott.
The one bad bitches call super duper lame.
Now my super duper fame gets me super duper brain
86 to Cape, but I’m super duper high
Soarin passed the moon I’m super duper lonely guy "

"I’m why your girls heart is slain
Call me Heartbreak Drake
I’m the hardest one to tame
As a man, I’m just honest
As an artist, I’m a king
With my own set of problems
That be sittin’ on my brain "

Now you listen to those two songs and see what you decide...

Between the two songs I decided Cudi... overall I'm still stumped

but I must admit Cudi's sexier...

sorry Drake...

but Degrassi is NOT what it is


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