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I always wanted my name to start with a J... for some reason I think it's the coolest letter in the alphabet. I laugh at almost everything... I use ellipses at all times... and i love sex, music, and food. I'm pretty simple


Save me from these evil deeds before I get them done...

This week I'm doing some blog features of my favs.

The first is my boo Intellect's blog Ride Sally Ride

i had my

slave braids in.

official..."Coventry Kid Sweethearts"

One of the nicest guys ever...Big Sean

She features anything from her adventures with Big Sean in Cleveland to her famed Cab Confessionals... (**ahem I still haven't been asked to do one... sadface ahem**) Lol and her fashion sense is serious... I always tell her she's going to be my stylist when I become a great recording artist...

I think she thinks I'm joking

But I'm sooo serious....

I miss her dressing the mannequins tho... that was my fav... BRING IT BACK INTELLECT!!!

Or I will jack you up!!! and get criminal on you!!!

(did you like the song reference?)

But serious I LOOOOOVE fiona apple... please just get into her as soon as possible, you'll be better for it. She came out when everybody was listening to B.Spears and Aguilera (however you spell her damn name) and she was just so unique at the time... and her voice.... needless to say shes a Melodic fav!

In other news I'm still in search of a quirky artistic intelligent funny beautiful man....

any takers????


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