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Oh get excited it's time for some new jams perfect for a specific occasion...

Ready for the Ultimate Chill Campus Walk playlist?

So I guess this is geared towards college students, but it's spring qtr and I know I love having the perfect music as a background while I travel across the beautiful wide expansive space known as Athens, OH (please catch the sarcasm), but if you're not on campus... this could definitely be a good "go for a walk" playlist also:

"Ascension" Maxwell
"I Wish You Were Here" Incubus (the metaphoric picture painted in this song is just... bananas...)
"Switching Lanes" Kid Cudi (that new new... upbeat with an intense groove... GET IT)
"You Know What" N.E.R.D.
"Punch Drunk Love"Common ft. Kanye West (Am I crazy? Or was you giving me the eye?)
"Flashing Lights" Kanye West (classic.. but who doesn't love walking down the street feeling like you're on a runway listening to this song)
"The Hunger" Eric Benet (I've been obsessed with this song since like September... if you haven't heard it youtube it...NOW)
"Sparks" Coldplay
"Love T.K.O" Teddy Pendegrass (or Teddy "Pain-in-the-ass" as my mother calls him)
"What you wont do for love" Bobby Womack (get the original... all the remakes are garbage compared to Bobby)
"Gills and Tails" Amel Larrieux (you haven't heard this yet have you?)
"Yearning for Your Love" Gap Band (another you probably don't have but no joke... one of my fav groups.. OF ALL TIME)
"She lives in my lap" Andre 3000 (it's playing as you read... just amazing)
"So Good" Electrik Red (no real musical value... but catchy... I'm not ashamed to say "shouldn't have let you hit that, cause now I can't forget that" is kinda hot)
"Burning Up" Jonas Brothers (I DON'T CARE IF ::fill with insulting comment about the Jo Bros:: this song is so poppy and cute its infectious... and hilarious to listen to)

Again this is just a taste of what's probably playing when you see me walking by... and it's the chill version not the hype version (to come later)

To get the slow jam deluxe get the draws tape playlist click HERE

But ask yourself:

Why do the Jonas Brothers go so hard???

The world may never know...


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